My work in Ava, Missouri was completed on Sunday, at least for now.  Saturday’s Ceremony was a powerful experience.  I received ordination into the Native American Church on Saturday evening.  What an honor this is for me to be recognized in this manner.

I departed Ava mid-day on Sunday, in route to Taos, New Mexico, stayed the night in Oklahoma City, arriving in Taos late Monday evening.  The majestic beauty of New Mexico is beyond description; words betray my ability to speak about it, but, some of the adjectives that come to me are, stunning, staggering, and breath taking.  My photos do not come close to reflecting the beauty of this land over here. I truly had no idea.  I discerned an immediate shift in the energy as soon as I entered and crossed over the state line.

I am a guest here in Taos in the beautiful home of Magdala Ramirez ( (  Magdala Ramirez was born a medicine woman and lived among the pyramids in Mexico in the ancient wisdom of the Maya and Aztec people. She was trained in her work from a very early age, spending many years studying and sharing information with the elders of knowledge near her home in Mexico. She has worked 35 years with the ancient feminine ways, mexica-maya tradition, warrior woman, sacred symbols, and sacred dance. Magdala is a celebrated teacher and leader, has traveled around the Continent speaking, creating ceremonies and seminars. She is a spiritual guide for Sacred Places. She is the author of seven books, Mayan Runes, Games People Play, Sacredness of the Union of Polarities, I am You, Sacred Sex, Moon Codex and World of the Enchanted Flower. Her work focuses on the Divine Feminine and restoring the balance of the feminine and masculine energies in the person, the planet, and the Universe.  For two days now, I have sat and enjoyed deep conversation.  It is an honor to be here, to learn about this Sacred Balance of our people and our planet.

Last evening I had the honor of being interviewed on the local radio station, KNCE, to tell and share the story of the Journey of Magic and Miracles.  The local newspaper has picked up on the Journey as well, and wants to interview me and write the story.  A’ho.  Magic and Miracles at work in the Universe.IMG_4350 IMG_4378 IMG_4374

After the radio interview, we drove to the George Bridge which crosses the Rio Grande here in Taos.  There is a strange juxtaposition of energy there.  The beauty and awesomeness of the canyon is beyond description.  And yet, it is a place of sadness and tragedy as well, for here is a place where many Native Peoples, especially the men, have come to leap their death.  In recent years, there have been 117 suicides there.  At various places along the bridge, there are crisis call buttons.  I was struck with by one graffiti note inscribed near one: “Never fall in love…”  There is much healing this world needs.

Tomorrow I am visiting venue for a concert performance to benefit the International Women’s Conference being presented early October 2015, a vision of Magdala in which female teachers and healers from all over the world will be gathering.  It is an honor to participate in the preparation of this so vital and important work.  I invite all my readers to check her websites (see above) and prayerfully consider your possible involvement in bringing this Medicine to the people.IMG_4399

Your continued prayers for protection and provision on this Journey of Magic and Miracles is dearly needed and much appreciated.