I arrived in Ava, Missouri late Monday evening, 10 August. Set up a very modest, yet comfortable camp in a peaceful dale nestled in the arms of a mountain ridge.  IMG_4326

The stars are stunning at night. I positioned my cot so that I can gaze out of the rear panorama window in the tent. It is an amazing view with which to fall asleep.  IMG_4296

The Ceremony I came here to participate in begins tomorrow, and I look forward to that experience. My work here will conclude on Sunday as I sit in Council with my relatives in the Native American Church here, and will receive my “physical” adoption, and my Medicine Confirmation.

Monday morning, early, I leave for Taos, NM. I have received the honor of visiting with Magdala Ramirez. This is a tremendous blessing, and I will be doing (at least) two performances there.

I ask all of you to continue to cover this journey in your prayers, and, gifting, as you are able. I am forever grateful to each of you for your confidence in me, and conviction in the Journey of Magic and Miracles. A’ho.