Perhaps the area in which I have experienced the most personal growth, is in my ability to let go absolutely, and trust. By definition, trust suggests the absolute and complete confidence in the truth and/or integrity of someone or something. That someone is the Creator, and the something is the promise that in the surrender, I will find manifestation and fulfillment.

When I consider that the last day of gainful employment is todayIMG_3740, I am reminded of the story of the man who stumbles off the cliff, and on his way down, grabs hold of a stubble branch which is fast losing its roots. Looking heavenward, the man cries out for help. Hearing “the voice” which says, “Let go. I’ve got you!”, he sheepishly asks, “Um, is there anyone else up there?”

In my moments of humanity, I confess I can understand and appreciate the man’s dilemma. Yet, I am clear in the assurance that once the intention was framed, set, and released in a good way, the promise was, “Let go. I’ve got you!” It is truly a liberating experience to know, absolutely and without doubt I can trust the truth of the Creator, and hold fast to the integrity and character of the promise – a promise which transcends mere hope, and propels me into the realm of knowing. There is strength in that. There is growth in that. There is empowerment in that. And, that is what is the enchanted garden of Magic and Miracles is all about. It is a good place to wake up and find myself, dancing.  A’ȟo! Mítákuye Oyásín