Magic and Miracles, The Journey is expanding and growing beyond anything I might have ever imagined, and I have not yet physically departed.

Over the last several weeks, my Medicine Circle has grown exponentially thanks to the magic of Social Media, something relatively new to me, but finding my immense gratitude. As word of the Journey spreads, my “friends” list has exploded! Many who are coming, are reaching out, sharing life’s struggles and challenges, and, hopefully, finding words of truth, wisdom, and healing.

One Brother (name protected, “D”) and I have been exchanging conversation for several days now through Messenger. Last night, we engaged in a lengthy phone conversation. My Brother hung up the phone with what I felt was a renewed enthusiasm, hope, and joy for his life. My heart was full, and I slept well.

This morning, I received the following message from him. To those who still wonder what this Journey, this thing of Magic and Miracles is all about, I invite you to read, share and enjoy this blessing (spelling and punctuation un-edited):

(D): “Brother Robert Black Eagel, I woke up this morning no fear but my need for prayer, I got up and went out side an looked to the East and ask our Creater to take over my life and I know he will as the light comes out of the East it won’t always be sun but the light never fails! My Rocket is about to make that Journey I have been getting ready for all my years, Brother thanks for pointing this path out for me, I know I will see you on the way, I know I am Blessed at last, your Brother (name protected).”

(ME): ‘So happy and honored to receive this message, Brother! Soar, as you were created to! A’ȟo!’

(D): “Dear Brother, if you should hear a big boom in the East it’s my Rocket breaking the sound Barrier, best part is I will sore so high that I will never feel this down again, I can’t say Thank You enough Brother Robert, your Brother (name protected).”

(ME): ‘You are the Rocket, Brother! I will be listening!’

If our animal kin (click here) can help rescue each other, how much more may we help our brothers and sisters.  “Then, the King will answer and say to them, ‘Truly I say to you, to the extent that you did it to one of these brothers of Mine, even the least of them, you did it to Me.”  (Matthew 25:40)  A’ȟo! Mítákuye Oyásín