Black Eagle Soars

The Journey of Magic and Miracles

Taos, New Mexico

My work in Ava, Missouri was completed on Sunday, at least for now.  Saturday’s Ceremony was a powerful experience.  I received ordination into the Native American Church on Saturday evening.  What an honor this is for me to be recognized in this manner.

I departed Ava mid-day on Sunday, in route to Taos, New Mexico, stayed the night in Oklahoma City, arriving in Taos late Monday evening.  The majestic beauty of New Mexico is beyond description; words betray my ability to speak about it, but, some of the adjectives that come to me are, stunning, staggering, and breath taking.  My photos do not come close to reflecting the beauty of this land over here. I truly had no idea.  I discerned an immediate shift in the energy as soon as I entered and crossed over the state line.

I am a guest here in Taos in the beautiful home of Magdala Ramirez ( (  Magdala Ramirez was born a medicine woman and lived among the pyramids in Mexico in the ancient wisdom of the Maya and Aztec people. She was trained in her work from a very early age, spending many years studying and sharing information with the elders of knowledge near her home in Mexico. She has worked 35 years with the ancient feminine ways, mexica-maya tradition, warrior woman, sacred symbols, and sacred dance. Magdala is a celebrated teacher and leader, has traveled around the Continent speaking, creating ceremonies and seminars. She is a spiritual guide for Sacred Places. She is the author of seven books, Mayan Runes, Games People Play, Sacredness of the Union of Polarities, I am You, Sacred Sex, Moon Codex and World of the Enchanted Flower. Her work focuses on the Divine Feminine and restoring the balance of the feminine and masculine energies in the person, the planet, and the Universe.  For two days now, I have sat and enjoyed deep conversation.  It is an honor to be here, to learn about this Sacred Balance of our people and our planet.

Last evening I had the honor of being interviewed on the local radio station, KNCE, to tell and share the story of the Journey of Magic and Miracles.  The local newspaper has picked up on the Journey as well, and wants to interview me and write the story.  A’ho.  Magic and Miracles at work in the Universe.IMG_4350 IMG_4378 IMG_4374

After the radio interview, we drove to the George Bridge which crosses the Rio Grande here in Taos.  There is a strange juxtaposition of energy there.  The beauty and awesomeness of the canyon is beyond description.  And yet, it is a place of sadness and tragedy as well, for here is a place where many Native Peoples, especially the men, have come to leap their death.  In recent years, there have been 117 suicides there.  At various places along the bridge, there are crisis call buttons.  I was struck with by one graffiti note inscribed near one: “Never fall in love…”  There is much healing this world needs.

Tomorrow I am visiting venue for a concert performance to benefit the International Women’s Conference being presented early October 2015, a vision of Magdala in which female teachers and healers from all over the world will be gathering.  It is an honor to participate in the preparation of this so vital and important work.  I invite all my readers to check her websites (see above) and prayerfully consider your possible involvement in bringing this Medicine to the people.IMG_4399

Your continued prayers for protection and provision on this Journey of Magic and Miracles is dearly needed and much appreciated.

I arrived in Ava, Missouri late Monday evening, 10 August. Set up a very modest, yet comfortable camp in a peaceful dale nestled in the arms of a mountain ridge.  IMG_4326

The stars are stunning at night. I positioned my cot so that I can gaze out of the rear panorama window in the tent. It is an amazing view with which to fall asleep.  IMG_4296

The Ceremony I came here to participate in begins tomorrow, and I look forward to that experience. My work here will conclude on Sunday as I sit in Council with my relatives in the Native American Church here, and will receive my “physical” adoption, and my Medicine Confirmation.

Monday morning, early, I leave for Taos, NM. I have received the honor of visiting with Magdala Ramirez. This is a tremendous blessing, and I will be doing (at least) two performances there.

I ask all of you to continue to cover this journey in your prayers, and, gifting, as you are able. I am forever grateful to each of you for your confidence in me, and conviction in the Journey of Magic and Miracles. A’ho.

Letting Go

Perhaps the area in which I have experienced the most personal growth, is in my ability to let go absolutely, and trust. By definition, trust suggests the absolute and complete confidence in the truth and/or integrity of someone or something. That someone is the Creator, and the something is the promise that in the surrender, I will find manifestation and fulfillment.

When I consider that the last day of gainful employment is todayIMG_3740, I am reminded of the story of the man who stumbles off the cliff, and on his way down, grabs hold of a stubble branch which is fast losing its roots. Looking heavenward, the man cries out for help. Hearing “the voice” which says, “Let go. I’ve got you!”, he sheepishly asks, “Um, is there anyone else up there?”

In my moments of humanity, I confess I can understand and appreciate the man’s dilemma. Yet, I am clear in the assurance that once the intention was framed, set, and released in a good way, the promise was, “Let go. I’ve got you!” It is truly a liberating experience to know, absolutely and without doubt I can trust the truth of the Creator, and hold fast to the integrity and character of the promise – a promise which transcends mere hope, and propels me into the realm of knowing. There is strength in that. There is growth in that. There is empowerment in that. And, that is what is the enchanted garden of Magic and Miracles is all about. It is a good place to wake up and find myself, dancing.  A’ȟo! Mítákuye Oyásín


Getting By With a Little Help From Our Friends

Magic and Miracles, The Journey is expanding and growing beyond anything I might have ever imagined, and I have not yet physically departed.

Over the last several weeks, my Medicine Circle has grown exponentially thanks to the magic of Social Media, something relatively new to me, but finding my immense gratitude. As word of the Journey spreads, my “friends” list has exploded! Many who are coming, are reaching out, sharing life’s struggles and challenges, and, hopefully, finding words of truth, wisdom, and healing.

One Brother (name protected, “D”) and I have been exchanging conversation for several days now through Messenger. Last night, we engaged in a lengthy phone conversation. My Brother hung up the phone with what I felt was a renewed enthusiasm, hope, and joy for his life. My heart was full, and I slept well.

This morning, I received the following message from him. To those who still wonder what this Journey, this thing of Magic and Miracles is all about, I invite you to read, share and enjoy this blessing (spelling and punctuation un-edited):

(D): “Brother Robert Black Eagel, I woke up this morning no fear but my need for prayer, I got up and went out side an looked to the East and ask our Creater to take over my life and I know he will as the light comes out of the East it won’t always be sun but the light never fails! My Rocket is about to make that Journey I have been getting ready for all my years, Brother thanks for pointing this path out for me, I know I will see you on the way, I know I am Blessed at last, your Brother (name protected).”

(ME): ‘So happy and honored to receive this message, Brother! Soar, as you were created to! A’ȟo!’

(D): “Dear Brother, if you should hear a big boom in the East it’s my Rocket breaking the sound Barrier, best part is I will sore so high that I will never feel this down again, I can’t say Thank You enough Brother Robert, your Brother (name protected).”

(ME): ‘You are the Rocket, Brother! I will be listening!’

If our animal kin (click here) can help rescue each other, how much more may we help our brothers and sisters.  “Then, the King will answer and say to them, ‘Truly I say to you, to the extent that you did it to one of these brothers of Mine, even the least of them, you did it to Me.”  (Matthew 25:40)  A’ȟo! Mítákuye Oyásín

Every Gift Finds Its Reward

Someone recently suggested my campaign might find a better response if I offered “rewards”. Somehow, that disagrees with my Spirit, as all I have to give away is my Music, my Medicine, a dusting of Magic, and hint of Miracles, and none, none of that is for sale. They are my gifts, and, by definition, gifts are free, and freely given. It is my conviction that the reciprocity of the Universe takes care of everything else.

Eagle Helping

Again, and always, thank you for your prayerful consideration and generosity.

Click here to enjoy a heart warming video which opens a window into the heart and soul of The Journey of Magic and Miracles, and reveals the true character and meaning of, Mítákuye Oyásín, we all are related!  A’ȟo

Desire and Intention. A Releasing.

Yet another desire and intention released to Spirit. Native American Church “Adoption” and membership paperwork completed and mailed today! Magic and Miracles. Very grateful to and for the grace and care of Creator, who desires nothing less than our highest and best good in all things. I am a blessed man. A’ho.

IMG_3574 IMG_3573


The last couple of days have found new meaning and power to the Journey of Magic and Miracles. Late last week, I was blessed with connecting with the Spiritual Elder of the New Haven Native American Church, a 400+ acre property in Ava, MO. After lengthy conversations with Man Found Standing, I have been invited to come there to camp (for as long as I desire), study, sit in Council and Ceremony with our relatives there. When I leave, I will leave with full, and legal credentials, officially adopted into the Native American Church as per one of the Seven Sacred Rites of the Oglala Sioux,( given to the people by White Buffalo Calf Woman), the Making of Relatives. Essentially, this will credential me as an “ordained” Minister in the Native American Church. I am writing about this in a rather succinct manner for purposes of brevity, as there is so much more to the story than I can share here in this update.
For those of you who know me, you are aware that I spent 13 years of my younger life as a pastor in the United Methodist Church. You know also that the opportunity that has been presented me here, is the fulfillment of a life-long dream and desire for me, to be “recognized” and adopted into this native community that has called and spoken to my spirit since I was a young boy.
My Spiritual Journey has obviously taken many twists and turns along the way. It has taken 64 years to bring me full circle, and like the passage of life along the Medicine Wheel, and now, to sit in the place of the North Medicine, is an honor and blessing to and for which I am beyond and forever grateful.
Your generous gifting, investing, and belief in me is what is empowering this Journey, and I am thankful for each and everyone of you. Some have blessed the Journey with monetary gifts, some have brought Medicine Offerings, others have held space and prayers for me and will continue to do so. Each gift is valued and appreciated equally and abundantly.
I still have a ways to go, to realize the project goal, but, as always, we live in a generous Universe, and our Creator seeks nothing but our highest and best good. I am trusting in the Magic and Miracles at work in all of our lives everyday to see this sacred and powerful Journey to and through wherever it may lead and return.
I encourage you, please to consider your ability to share in the magic. Please like and share on your page to help spread the word.
I have stated and communicated with by brother in Ava, that I will be there, in Ceremony on or by 15 August, the day my daughter was born.

A’ȟo! Mítákuye Oyásín 👣

Magic and Miracles. The Intention.

For many Winters, now, my spirit has heard the voices of the Ancestors, calling, come, see, listen, learn, write, share. The calling is compelling me to travel West, and the message is, the time is now.

I have danced upon the shores of Tamarino Bay, but never have I seen the Grand Canyon. I have sat on the steps of the Parthenon and felt the presence of the ancient philosophers, but I have never stood beneath the giant redwoods, or sat in the presence of the Elders. I have ridden horseback to the pyramids in Egypt, but never seen the Sacred Black Hills, knelt upon the ground where our native people lived, hunted, fought, and crossed over. I am eager to experience all of this and more, not only for my own personal growth, but for what this journey may enable me to return to our people. I am visioning myself as an envoy of sorts, venturing into Sacred Space, participating in the exchange of Medicine, Ceremony, story, song, love, healing, and energy, then returning to our people better prepared to create and hold that Sacred Space for each other, offering its power in and through Ceremony, story, and song.

It is my desire to travel as simply as possible, in the manner of our nomadic, plains ancestors, driving (an allowed convenience), and camping along the way (no hotels or motels allowed), taking time to be open to the people, the magic, and miracles along the way, photo journaling the story, and posting regularly in my blog. I will be bringing my music and my message along to share with those the Creator may bring into my vision along the way of this journey. The Sacred Pipe will also accompany along the way, eager to share its Medicine and healing.

My first extended stay over will be in Bozeman, MT, where I have the opportunity to speak, teach, and share the story and song of my music. Eventually, I will make my way to through North Dakota, South Dakota, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, and on to California to spend time with my relatives in the Medicine Path Native American Church in Berkley, CA.

It is not an easy, nor comfortable thing for me to do to ask for help and support. Yet, are we not told, “We have not for we ask not?” “Ask, and you will receive.” Furthermore, I am not seeking funding for the entire trip, as I am believing the Universe to open its abundance in and through the magic and miracles that await me along the way. A stop here and there to play music, an impromptu concert in the campground, and an openness to goodness and generosity of the people along the way will carry me from here to there. I am seeking assistance in funding the gear (minimum) (my trusted North Face was stolen a few Winters ago) necessary to begin, and a jump start in the intention. I have 364 Facebook friends. A generous investment of as little as $10.00 would meet and exceed the goal.

Your return? Your reward? Beyond the obvious mutual exchange of energy, participation in and of the dream, you will be provided access to my blog site, photo updates, a copy of the journal once it is done, and a CD of my music,( and the confidence that when it is your turn, you can know that your deposit, your investment will some day assure your withdrawal from the generosity, abundance, and favor of the Universe.

SPECIAL BONUS FEATURE!! Any gifting of $100 or more will receive a PRIVATE, one hour concert in your place of choice!! Invite your friends, and let us celebrate the music of Magic and Miracles, The Journey.

It is my hope to begin the journey on 29 July 2015 – the day of my 64th Winter.

A’ȟo! Mítákuye Oyásín 👣

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